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Expert in polyurethane foams. Dema Tech provides new foam, packaging and protection system technology. Consultation and planning for special packing. Packaging system technology for technical and industrial sectors.

The use of polyurethane foam is the safest, most practical and economic system for the protection and packaging of products: from fragile and delicate objects like glass, ceramics, electronics up to spare parts, furniture, engines, or even very heavy or bulky mechanical parts.

The polyurethane foam used for packaging is the result of the mixture, obtained under predetermined conditions of temperature, and the resulting reaction of two chemical components ("A" - RED with "B" - BLUE), in which it transforms from a liquid into solid (foam). If you compare, the use of polystyrene ( polistyrene = closed cell ) or carton, the shock force is almost in total discharged on the object to protect, and in any case, all in the area that is hit, whereas, if foam is used, the shock is distributed to the open cells, on the total volume of the foam itself.

All this introduces the concept of "safety". Differing from other types of products ( like expanded polistyrene, air cushions, paper and carton, "chips" ), the foam's characteristics render the packaging efficient in time. This is probably the most important and significant concept, as foam is among the few products able to resist "multiple shocks" ( Multi drops resistance ).