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Coe: CZ

CZ/M-L-XL Tilted cutting islands

Oscillating knife cutting islands, with conveyor belt and double cutting heads, with a tilted work area integrated with an extended cutting area.
Depending on the hides, everybody can choose the correct width of the conveyor belt among sizes M, L, and XL.

With a work width of 1600 mm, it offers high flexibility in a compact dimension.
It can process any size of hide in a longitudinal way. It is also the ideal solution for cutting materials in rolls.

With a work width of 2000 mm, it can process entire hides or half hides of young cows enabling complete positioning even in one step.
This characteristic, facilitates and speeds up the work of the nesting operator with a consequent increase in production.

With a work width of 2400 mm, it eliminates all limitations related to hide dimensions by processing on a large tilted work area even entire hides or half hides of adult cows. This model is the most complete solution to meet the wide variety of needs of the footwear and leather goods manufacturing.

For the whole product line is available a range of accessories including a system of anti-reflection LED lamps, an advanced micro-sectorized vacuum system, a laser projector for piece removal for the rear work station that facilitates the collection and verification of the cut pieces in a well-lit environmentand and more.


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Code - Product Quantity Frequency
CZ - Comelz CZ-M
CZ - Comelz CZ-L
CZ - Comelz CZ-XL