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Disinfectant with a very interesting property picture.

Rely + On ™ Virkon® is defined chemically as a biodegradable peroxidic system, its microbial activity has been tested, over the past 15 years, on over 80 bacteria, 20 fungi, 5 bacterial spores, 4 species of mycobacteria and over 40 viruses including HIV - HBV - HCV - SARS - H1N1.
Its formulation includes a buffered peroxidic solution (biocidal and sanitizing action) that works in synergy with an anionic surfactant (detergent action)

General characteristics

It is ideal for environmental disinfection on hard and non-porous surfaces.
Thanks to its detergent, disinfectant, anti-mold and very low toxicity properties, it is indicated by the Ministry of Health for environmental disinfection for professional and health use but also throughout the food industry chain.


The characteristics of the composition, of the activities
microbial and reactions that develop in the solution
ensure the product the minimum toxicity for humans, for the air,
the aquifers and the ground.

Packs of 1KG = 100 liters of product

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