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Skiving Machine mod. SS20

Coe: SS20

SS20 Computerized skiving machine

The SS20 was born from the accurate application of modern mechanical and electronic technology.
It represents a major departure from the traditional skiving machine.
The computer installed in the SS20 has made it possible to introduce some unique features.
The machine, in fact, is constantly monitored, it adjusts itself automatically and stays perfectly efficient while in operation.
All functions are performed by mechanical units driven by independent motors operating under the direct control of the computer.
The original structure of mechanical units has made it possible to use a tilting electro-spindle, thus allowing an immediate accessibility to mechanical parts and an easier knife and grindstone replacement.
The console can be easily reached and the data displays are very clear.
An efficient dust collector is built in the frame of the machine.

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SS20 - Skiving machine
SS20 - Super Vacuum Sistem