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Brushing machine

Coe: 860

Brushing - polishing vertical machine with vacuum system.
860N it's used for finishing and polishing leather products and shoes, etc.

It is equipped with two heads (right and left) with two independent motors controlled by “inverter” and it has speed variator 2.000 /4.000 revolution/min. and independent suction system for each head.

Model availables:

  • 860 V Double head vertical brushing and polishing machine with variable speed and dust collector;
  • 860 VM Double head vertical brushing and polishing machine with variable speed, extra powerful exauster and dust collector;
  • 860 IJ Vertical single head brushing and polishing machine with dust collector and variable speed.

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Code - Product Quantity Frequency
860V - Brushing machine
860VM - Brushing machine
860IJ - Brushing machine