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DRYER 7001

Coe: 7001

Innovative oven to dry in a series of all types of coated products such as wallets, belts, shoulder bags, waist, zips up the large bags. 
The touch makes the oven easy to use and with great alternatives programming. 
The oven can operate in three different modes: ventilated heating, infrared and / or both; all assisted by an electronic system (no requirements for compressed air) that allows to program the times of opening / closing of the hatches and decide the parking time inside the drying chamber. 
You can choose the speed of the conveyor and create work cycles, can work in automatic or manual mode by programming the desired height display. In IR mode you can adjust the intensity of the power from 25 to 100%, ensuring perfect drying using a maximum power of JUST 1000 WATTS. 
The new applied technology allows to obtain a temperature (even up to 90 °) constant within the chamber, and thanks to the special insulated walls have a total thermal insulation on the outside. 
The heating chamber has a length of 160 cm to 41 cm in height. The external wings (closable for transport) have not appendages that interfere with the work thanks to the ghost engine.


Technical Specifications
Mod. 7001-L total tunnel length + arms 310 cm - Dimensions: 206 (310) X 78 X 170 cm Weight: 300 kg 
Mod. 7001-L
 version with extended floor (100 cm) incoming (total 410 cm) Weight: 315 kg 
Mod. 7001-XL
 version with extended floor (100 cm + 100 cm) incoming and outgoing (total 510 cm) Weight: 330 kg

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Code - Product Quantity Frequency
7001 - DRYER
7001-L - DRYER
7001-XL - DRYER