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Vertical Drier 9043

Coe: 9043

This machine was designed to dry the dyed edges of belts, bag shoulder straps, and strips made of leather, synthetic materials, salpa, etc.
       It is fitted with 49 stations for automatically crimping belts with automatic unloading in a specific container.
       The temperature may be adjusted from room temperature to 54 degree.
       The fairly low temperature and 49 vertical drying stations allow the dye to spread better along the edge of the belt without altering the characteristics of material being worked.
       The machine can be combined with any type of either vertical or horizontal edge dyeing machine.
       The 9043 oven may be fitted with automatic loading PROM2000.
      It produces 600 items / hour on average.
       The working height of the pincers above the machine base is 1450 mm.
       The centre to center distance / space between the pincers is 105 mm.
       The oven is equipped with “ECOPOWER SYSTEM”

The machine is fitted with accident prevention devices according to law in force.

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9043 - Vertical drier