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Coe: 7008

Return Systems Reverse Mod. 7008 in its three versions (Standard, L and XL) are equipped at the bottom of the horizontal ovens with the function of returning the dry parts to the front loading load so that the operator can stay in his workstation without having to retrieve it to the dried product.
The Reverse can be fitted on the latest generation oven The King Plus mod.7001 can be controlled completely by the oven Touch panel.

The mod. 7009 is a dispenser that can be positioned at the exit and entry of the horizontal ovens with the characteristic to carry from the main ribbon to the reverse tank tanks.
These tanks once filled by the operator with the pieces to be wiped, are placed on the main ribbon and at the exit the descent receives the tub and vertically down the door to place it on the reverse ribbon.
Once backed up, the elevator (in this case) will return it to the top to be removed.

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Code - Product Quantity Frequency
7001 - Dryer
7008 - Reverse
7009 - Lift for tank